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Mikayla Lenoir working for Scouting Gold Award

Mikayla Lenoir, a Girl Scout Senior Cadette, is working toward earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award a girl scout can earn.

Mikayla’s Gold Award project is entitled “City Youth”. Through this project she will be targeting youth that have never had the exposure of being on or going to a farm because they are inner-city youth.

Mikayla plans to introduce inner-city youth over a course of various meeting sessions and farm trips, ages 6 through 12, how to identify the different types of farm animals, feed them, care for them and cleaning and sanitation of their housing.

They will learn how to milk a cow, pick eggs and feed a horse. They will be exposed to farm animals such as hogs, chickens, beef and dairy cattle and horses.

Jan. 11, 12 noon-2 p.m. Session 2 will teach How to Feed & Care for Farm Animals and will be held at Greater Damascus COCHUSA Old Sanctuary, 1013 Damascus Circle, Hazlehurst.

For more information contact: Mikayla Lenoir (601) 894-5383 or (601) 940-3871

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