Hazlehurst joins other cities in backing CEDA

By Bonnie Jackson
News Editor

At their most recent meeting, the Hazlehurst Board of Aldermen approved a resolution is support of the Citizens for Economic Development Act, CEDA, urging the Mississippi legislature pass this bill and for the governor to sign it in to law.

According to the resolution, “the bill will allow citizens of  a municipality the option of voting on the imposition of a local sales tax. The purpose of this legislation is to locally fund, without impacting the state general fund budget, the implementation and completion of special economic development opportunities for the municipality as well as the state.” 

In years past, the legislature approved individual municipalities’ requests for the local sales tax option, mostly for economic development reasons.  If the bill becomes law, citizens of Hazlehurst and other towns in the county could vote on a 1% sales tax increase that would be in place temporarily to raise funds for a certain project.

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