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‘The Way We Worked’ worked well for Co-Lin

I spoke to Dr. Jeff Posey of Co-Lin on Tuesday about the final numbers on the recent Smithsonian Exhibit, ‘The Way We Worked’, which was held in the Mutton Building on campus from April 3 to May 9.  “Huge success” was how he described it to me.  And, as co-director of the exhibit, he wasn’t kidding.
During the 30 days that the museum was open, 1,319 names of visitors were logged into the registry.  Of that total, 14 groups of school children and “numerous church groups” experienced the history of work in America and in our local communities.  
“We far exceeded our goal of 1,000 visitors,” Posey said.  The flow was steady, too, he added, especially in the final days.
They came from near and far.  “We had a few from Pennsylvania and Ohio, and several came by from all areas of Louisiana,” Posey explained.  
The success of this first Smithsonian Exhibit on the campus will surely place Co-Lin on the list for more like it down the road.  A recent conversation with Dr. Ronnie Nettles, President of the College, revealed that Co-Lin is being strongly considered again by the Smithsonian for a future project.
Dr. Posey and co-exhibit director Dr. Pam Reid, along with Dr. Jane Hulon and several other instructors and administrators at the school, not only worked feverishly to bring the exhibit to Co-Lin, but also passionately promoted the event throughout the greater Co-Lin footprint.  They made steady visits to communities in Copiah, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, Simpson and Lawrence counties, speaking at civic and community club meetings and the like.
Co-Lin also relied on this newspaper to promote ‘The Way We Worked’ to the thousands that read our print and online publications each week. As a strong supporter of the college, we gladly did our part.  We enjoy a strong partnership with Co-Lin and look forward to the school’s next undertaking.

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