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Mr. President, what exactly are you doing?


The news keeps pouring in about the southern border of our country being overrun with illegal border crossings from citizens of other countries over the past several months.  Reports from several news organizations say that waves of illegal immigrants have inundated the U. S. Border Patrol to the tune of 60,000 since January.  The situation is such that the border patrol, which is charged foremost with keeping out terrorists and with overseeing the flow of legal immigrants to our country, have been ordered to let their guard down to simply usher in anyone who wants to cross over.

President Obama ordered this years ago.  The administration has been granting de facto citizenship to whomever, it seems, with reckless abandon ever since his first term.    Now, according to news reports, diseases once thought to be wiped out in the U. S. are being carried across the border by many of these folks pouring in, threatening the well-being and security of our entire nation. Drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists–all are getting the Red Carpet treatment.

Scared?  You should be.  These folks are being bussed and flown around the country to strategic points.  This administration has a plan for them, I suspect.

Furthermore, communities like Copiah County are home to many who legally immigrated here from around the world, including India, the Middle East, Central America and Europe.  I personally know many of these good folks here that took the legal path to citizenship and have become highly productive members of our society.  Most of them, in fact, have employed hundreds of Copiahians and have given back to our communities.  They are as American as those of us who were born here.

Mr. President, close the border immediately.  Call in the National Guard to keep it closed.  America and Americans demand it!

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