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King yard receives award

Another month has ended and fall is officially here. The trees are beginning to show their colors and the rest of the plant world is getting ready for winter.

There were several yards of note this month. After consideration it was decided that the yard of Mrs. Pat King of 114 Primrose Lane should be chosen. We urge you to take the time as you are out and about our town to take notice of your surroundings. We also appreciate the work that hte CITGO station has put into their appearance.

Now on to something near and dear to my heart – Christmas! This villege used to be so pretty at Christmas time. Who remembers the Akins’ Magnolia Christmas tree? We would like to encourage homes and businesses alike to honor the Christmas season by decorating a little special this year. We will be watching with interest.

It is time to clean the yard, rake straw, put into beds, trim roses back (though they may bloom again if it stays warm enough). 

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