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So many to appreciate

I truly enjoyed the community Thanksgiving service that was held this past Sunday night at Antioch M. B. Church (photos will be published in our December 3 issue because of early deadline this week.)  Rev. Martin Washington and the other hosts for the event performed exceptionally in welcoming the 300 or so that attended.

My own pastor, Rev. Anna Fleming-Jones of Hazlehurst United Methodist Church, was enlisted to provide the sermon, or the message.  And, she was right on target with the audience and with her message about Thanksgiving.

If you weren’t able to attend, make effort to be at next year’s service.  I guarantee that will be one of the best 90-minute time frames that you will experience next year.

Typically, we pause this time of year and reflect on what we are thankful for over the previous few months.  Good things may have happened to us.  Maybe we were able to make a little more money or better provide for our family in some way.  Some of us may have found out that we are going to be having a new grandson or granddaughter or maybe one was born in the past few months.  Others may have a relative who found out that the cancer treatment worked.  Could we truly ever count the blessings that we experience each year?

The most important blessing of blessings to me is that I wake up every morning and see my family.  We are healthy.  My wife KK and I have good jobs and are able to provide for our children. 

Mostly, we have each other.  That is irreplaceable.

So, let’s be more thankful for the ‘who’ in our lives instead of the ‘things’ in our lives.  Let’s make a better effort to acquire more ‘whos’ and put the priority on our relationships, and be less inclined to secure more ‘things’.

Yes, count your blessings each and every day because we never know when our last will be here.  May God bless you and protect you and yours over the Thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas season.

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