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Should be fun to watch

This year is a statewide election year, and the state legislature has convened for another term, already $88 million ahead in revenue for FY2015.  That means more money to play with, right?
Without a doubt, election year politics are more . . umm. . .accommodating than in other years–especially with larger than expected revenue.  Public education lobbyists are eyeballing that $88 million like a hawk, urging the windfall be spent on Mississippi’s schools.  Other groups, agencies and causes are rallying for their share, as well.  My guess is that public education will get a boost, but fall short of full funding, whatever that means.

Odd things will be considered, too.  The legislature is currently considering the Holy Bible as the state book, which I guess we needed.  House Bill 173, if passed, will prohibit employers from inquiring about applicant’s criminal history. 

Check out for all bills.

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