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No, we ain’t dead yet

I attended the annual mid-winter convention of the Mississippi Press Association this past weekend in Jackson.  This particular event focuses on the advertising sales side of the newspaper business and honors newspapers who have won awards in the Better Newspaper Advertising Contest.  (The Courier won a couple of third places, in case you were wondering.)

The mood at this year’s convention was highly positive and energetic.  Publishers and editors from newspapers across the state, including myself, shared many success stories dealing with advertising and circulation, which was refreshing, yet not surprising.

The bottom line is this:  Newspapers in this state – and in this county – are no where near the deathly state that is portrayed by other media.  Community newspapers, such as this one, are strengthening thanks to the internet and social media, not dying because of them.  Readership is up in many cases, and we are reaching younger audiences more than other traditional media. 

So, we’d like to thank our readers and advertisers for continuing to believe in us.  We encourage you to share your weekly paper –in print or online–with others who may have not read the paper in a while.  We are happy to add new names to the list.

 Newspapers remain the backbone of our communities, no matter how you read them nowadays, and are very much alive and well.

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