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American Essay contest winners announced by DAR

SIXTH GRADE WINNERS – American Essay Winners from sixth grade are, left to right, Zach Thompson, Thomas Ramsey, Carol Rigby, Sam Papizan

EIGHTH GRADE WINNERS – American Essay Winners from eighth grade are, left to right, Alexis Hartley, Bryce Hartley, Chase Gaddy, Carol Rigby.

Cherokee Rose Chapter, NSDAR, met Wednesday, March 18 at Covington Memorial Library in Hazlehurst. 

Sixth and eighth Grade American Essay Contest winners from Copiah Academy and their families were honored guests. 

The students read their fascinating essays about the experiences and impressions of immigrants as they passed through the rigors of Ellis Island on their way to a new home in America.
Carol Rigby, American History Chairperson, presented the awards to the following: sixth grade: 1st place, Zach Thompson; 2nd place (tie), Thomas Ramsey and Sam Papizan.

Eighth grade: 1st place, Bryce Hartley; 2nd place, Alexis Hartley; 3rd place, Chase Gaddy.
Pat King, Sharron Malpass, and Alice Moreland were hostesses for the meeting.

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