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Treasurer Lynn Fitch to Publish Unclaimed Property Owners in Papers Across the State

Jackson – During the week of April 12, newspapers across the state of Mississippi will include a special tabloid listing names, provided by the office of the State Treasurer, of unclaimed property owners reported through November 1, 2014. Currently, the State Treasurer is safeguarding more than $31 Million in forgotten utility deposits, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and unclaimed inheritances. Since taking office in 2012, Treasurer Lynn Fitch has returned more than $41.5 Million in unclaimed property.  

“One in five Mississippians has unclaimed property,” stated Treasurer Fitch. “It is my hope to return as much as possible of the newly reported dollars back to the rightful owners. I’ve seen unclaimed property holders receive checks for over $100,000, which completely changed their lives. These experiences have truly been among the most rewarding parts of serving as Mississippi’s State Treasurer, and I can’t wait to see people locate their dollars in the next few months.”

Check local papers starting April 12 or visit to find names on the unclaimed property list.

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