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Hats off

Copiah County can be very proud of the Wings and Warriors event that took place in mid-march.  A total of 19 of America’s military veterans were able to enjoy time in the woods turkey hunting around the south central Copiah County area and to soak in the beautiful Slay Wilderness Lodge on Tyson Road. 

Some of these veterans were younger than I am, having served our country in our fight against terrorism.  Those who lost limbs or were otherwise physically affected by the war told heart-wrenching stories of surviving, even after other soldiers around them were killed. 

Much of the local coordination of the event came through Copiah County’s own DeAnn Wright, who put much effort and time into seeing that every ‘t’ was crossed, every ‘i’ dotted and that everyone was comfortable and having a good time.  The actions of her and her fellow volunteers are good examples of what can be done not only to help others, but also to honor our veterans.

We commend DeAnn and everyone who made Wings and Warriors a success.

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