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Voters – now is the time to be getting into ‘shape’

We are now on the ‘downhill slide’ of the primary election, which will be conducted by the political parties on August 4.  This cycle includes almost every elected position from superintendent of education all the way up to governor.  With roughly a couple of weeks left, voters have many decisions to make.

First off, in which primary are you going to participate?  Traditionally, most local races are decided in the Democratic primary, as most candidates–incumbents or challengers– run on the Democratic ticket.  Republicans have no candidates challenging local Democrats in 2015.  Only at the state and multi-county district levels will you find races in the Republican primary. 

So, the way it is means that if you want to vote for candidates running for offices in Copiah County–at least until November when a few independents will be challenging–you have no choice but to vote in the Democratic primary.  Remember, too, that if any primary race will be ran off on August 25, first Democratic primary voters  can only vote for Democrats in a run off, and likewise for Republicans.  If you choose not to vote in the primary, you may vote in either primary’s run-off on August 25.

Secondly, do you know where to vote?  A few changes in precincts have been made since the 2011 election.  The Courier will print the complete list of precincts and their districts in the July 29 issue, and voters can check with Circuit Clerk Edna Stevens’ office for clarifications.

Thirdly, do you know who is running in the races in which you will be voting?  Many times voters go to the polls–especially during primaries–and are surprised at who is running for Insurance Commissioner or Constable, for instance.  “I’ve never heard of (insert candidate’s name here) before,” some voters may think when that screen pops up.  Luckily, the Courier is also printing full sample ballots in the paper on July 29, as well, so voters will be completely informed of the races and the candidates.

Lastly, make every effort to meet most of the candidates that will be on your ballot.   Many of these men and women have full-time jobs that restrict their face time to the evenings and weekends.  It’s hot, too, and everyone’s miserable because of it.  Do yourself and the candidates a favor and see or contact the candidates personally if you’ve missed them coming by to see you.

Take these next few days to get into ‘voting shape’ before the primaries on August 4.

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