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Garden club begins new year

The Hazlehurst Garden Club met on Wednesday Sept. 9, to kick off the new 2015-2016 year. The meeting was called to order by President Eloise Beasley. All were welcomed after a long, hot and dry summer. There were 21 members present and two absent. With three taking a leave of absence, one not renewing her membership, there was an opening for two new members. Nominations were made. Passed by the members. Letters will go out to them.

A treasurers report was given by Secretary Mrs. Judy Izard.

After this more new business was discussed. New service projects for the community were brought before the members for consideration by Mrs. Kay Ashley. The Garden Club would like to be more involved in helping with projects to beautify our town and community.

An update on the status of our Scholarship Fund was presented by Mrs. Susan Ford. Funds for our scholarships are raised with our annual Geranium sale that is held each March. That committee will report more in detail at the October meeting.

Next meeting will be to tour the Depot and Music Museum in Hazlehurst.

During the meeting refreshments were served.  President Beasley blessed our meeting and food before going into the dining room for a delicious lunch served by the hostesses; Mrs. Jo Ann Newman, Mrs. Sandra Hall, Mrs. Kay Ashley and Mrs. Eloise Beasley.

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