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Rockin’ Railroad Festival includes voice talent search, songwriters workshop

This year’s events in connection with the Rockin’ Railroad Festival Sept. 26 include a talent search for singers ages 12 through 18. Three outstanding judges have been selected to hear the contestants. Boyce Christopher has a world of experience in judging talent and directing statewide musical groups. She has discovered talented singers and performers who have gone on to perform internationally.

Ora Reed is a singer/pianist who has traveled the world using her talents in the jazz and gospel world. Her latest tour has been in Japan.

Finally, most everyone knows Babs Wood who has spent years in the New Orleans music scene. Her talents have taken her through jazz, blues, popular, and rock genres.

Also, the festival will hold a songwriters workshop for those wanting to know the basics of songwriting, copyright laws, publishing and entering the music business. One unique feature will be that each attendee will get one of their songs reviewed by the workshop leader.

Tricia Walker of the Delta State Music Institute will lead the workshop. Tricia has experience as a Nashville songwriter and teaches that subject to her students. Tricia has a national reputation with her songs being recorded by major artists.

Contact Shaw Furlow at 769-226-1637 or come by the Mississippi Music Museum in Hazlehurst for information and/or entry forms.

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