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Sick of ‘42’ and ‘42A’? Me too!

We voters are to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 3 to cast ballots in the general election.  I, like many of you, know WHO I will vote for in the various races up and down the ticket.  The question is, which will I vote for–or against, or not at all–when it comes the initiatives 42 and 42A.
Both of the initiatives claim to hold the Mississippi legislature responsible for fully funding the public school system in the state as promised in the 1997 legislative session.  The rub is how each one will do it, and I’m not smart enough to try to explain it here.   Honestly, when I see or hear about either one, I quickly tune it out or get it away from the ad/commercial/discussion.  Activists on both sides make stomaching any of it dang near impossible.

Like in other election years, when something this polarizing is on the ballot, I’m going to do my research on each at the last minute before I decide how to vote.  For now, I’m just sick and tired of hearing from all sides of why I should vote for either one.

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