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Take time to celebrate 150!

The well-planned Hazlehurst 150 celebration that took place on Sunday at Hazlehurst High School was in a battle with the rain, unfortunately, for attendance.  The crowd hovered around 200 most of the afternoon, enjoying music and dance and cake and plenty of freebies to mark the occasion.

In reality, the event was a kickoff for a year-long celebration.  We are attempting to do our part with the a new feature, “A look back at 150 years of Hazlehurst”, that began this week on page 2. 

Though we already have acquired a healthy stack of old photos, newspaper clippings and so forth, perhaps you have something of historical value to add to the feature.  Bring it by and let’s take a look at it.  We want to share it with the next generation.  We will be happy to get it back to you after its processed. 

We encourage all other organizations, businesses, churches and groups to get involved in the sesquicentennial celebration of our town.  Hazlehurst thrives on diversity, as our mayor said at Sunday’s ceremony, and our multifarious past involves myriad combinations of peoples, cultures, spiritual and educational backgrounds and resourceful individuals who have contributed to the longevity of this community.  Let’s be proud of our past and celebrate with a positive outlook for our future.  

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