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County’s clean audit telling

The public notice on this page countains the state auditor’s report on the independent audit of the county’s purchasing and inventory control systems from 2014.  In short, the county has received a clean bill of health from the state auditor and is in complete compliance with state codes.

A while back I wrote that it pays to elect good leaders, and that “the people get the government they deserve,” quoting Alexis de Tocqueville.  One could further that by adding, “and the voters decide the government for everyone, no matter how few bother to vote.”  The good thing is–as evidenced by the audit report–that our county Board of Supervisors and our other elected officials are following the letter of the law in spending taxpayers’ money, as they should and as we trust them to do.

The bottom line is this: We that vote have elected good leaders here in Copiah County, and, as a result, are getting the government we deserve.

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