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Time for renewal

Christmastime is time to reflect on what we deem important in our lives.  Family and friends are often what we cherish most. 

We can get carried away in all the glitz and glamour and commercialism of Christmas, rushing here and there to purchase gifts from our hearts to please the people we love most.  Often times we forget that the gift of the relationships we have with our spouse, our children, our parents and our close friends are what is important. 

The highest gift that was ever given was from the Father to all of mankind, through the birth of the son, Jesus Christ.  Through Jesus, we have the ultimate relationship with our Father, the one who loves us despite our sins and shortcomings.  His mercy allows us to be in deep relation with Him constantly, which is what he desires from us.  Through our prayers and meditations, we become closer to the King, and our faith increases.  We cannot ‘see’ this gift, nor does it come packaged with wrapping paper and a bow.  It is, simply, there for us to accept.

The weather outside is not necessarily conducive to the season.  The forecast is calling for more rain and unseasonable warmth in our region.  The cold weather is coming, I’m sure, but not for a while.  Don’t let it dampen your spirit.  Embrace the significance of the birth of Christ in your life and spread the joy you have received with others. 

And, may this Christmas be your merriest ever.

– Joe

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