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This may work out very well

I was a little skeptical at the action taken by the city school board last week to terminate the contract of then-superintendent John Sullivan–not because of the action taken, but because of the timing–right in the middle of the school year. The district regained local control in 2014, and without a doubt, the state has kept a close eye on things here.  In essence, the firing of such a high profile manager, who had been on the job for only about 18 months might raise some red flags that would draw even more attention from the state.

But, I am encouraged that the board promoted Lisa Davis from Middle School Principal to Interim Superintendent.  Davis said all the right things at her first public meeting last Thursday and seems to have the best interest of the children in her heart.

One statement she made stands out to me most: “Good schools attract good businesses.”  Nothing truer has ever been spoken. 

Perhaps Mrs. Davis is the one to lead Hazlehurst to new heights? Stay tuned. . .

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