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Support your local chamber

The Chambers of Commerce in Hazlehurst and Wesson are getting ready to put on their annual membership banquets next week.  The Crystal Springs Chamber has already hosted theirs.  Trust me when I say that the planning and putting on of these events require much work behind the scenes and even a little horse trading to keep the cost of attending down.

If you own a business in any of our communities, or if you are an individual who has a vision for a better quality of life and a desire to serve your neighbors, consider supporting your local chamber by purchasing a membership.  Become directly involved with the organization’s plans for the year.  Invite others to join you in helping make your community a better place to live and to conduct business, which are the common long-range goals for these organizations. Become a civic stakeholder.

I assure you, the chambers’ leadership committees will be grateful and welcome your ideas and abilities with eagerness.

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