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I expected nothing less

As Copiah Countians organized and rallied to assist victims of the tornado that struck the southern Copiah County area last week, more severe weather was forecast on Tuesday (and, as I’m writing this, we were still waiting to see what was going to happen here in the afternoon).  We’ve certainly had our share of rough weather lately, and we aren’t even into spring, yet!

The stories of the storm told to me by members of the hard-hit Strong Hope community brought chills to my spine.  I drove around the area early Tuesday morning, finding neighbors checking on each other amongst the devastation along Martin and Beauregard roads.  Workers from Copiah County and other agencies were busy assisting those from power companies, clearing the way for dozens of snapped power polls to be replaced.

Over the past several days, several folks have volunteered and helped clear debris from the stricken communities.  Lights were finally restored.  Water is running again. Life is steadily returning to normal.  Folks are trying to move on.

I am never surprised to see Copiah County folks helping each other in a life-changing event like this.  It’s just in our blood.

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