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Officers honored

OFFICERS RECOGNIZED – On February 20, Special Agent Lee Tartt, Lieutenant Trea G. Staples, Corporal Willard D. Holifield Jr., and Trooper First Class Deandre L. Dixon were called to the scene to help rescue a young child in danger. Special Agent Tartt was killed in the line of duty, and the other officers were injured. April 13, the Mississippi House of Representatives honored the memory of Special Agent Lee Tartt and recognized his family with House Concurrent Resolution 104. State Troopers Lieutenant Staples, Corporal Holifield and Trooper First Call Dixon were commended on their distinguished service with House Resolution 80. Members of the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics SWAT team members attended the event. Inset photo, left to right, Corporal Willard Holifield, Jr., Lieutenant Trea Staples and Trooper First Class Deandre Dixon. Photo above, left to right: Rep. Deborah Dixon (D-Raymond), Rep. Greg Holloway (D-Hazlehurst), Rep. Kevin Horan (D-Grenada), Deborah Harbin Tartt, Trooper First Class Deandre Dixon, Lieutenant Trea Staples, Corporal Willard Holifield, Rep. Tom Miles (D-Forest) and former Colonel Donnell Berry; second row: third from left, Department of Public Safety Commissioner Albert Santa Cruz; far right, Rep. Jarvis Dortch (D-Raymond); third row, far right: Rep. Michael Evans (D-Preston); fourth row, far right: Rep. Jim Beckett (R-Bruce)

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