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UPDATE: Heavy slurry pumps now running constantly at gravel pit

Crystal Springs, Miss – Copiah County Emergency Management and the Mississippi Emergency Management agencies have been notified that Green Brothers Gravel Company acquired pumps that can handle solids/heavy slurry, running through the night with brief periods of routine stoppage to clear and reset the hydraulic pumping unit for better suction.

The crews utilized water piped down to the caved site to wash the material from around the machines to the pump. The pump has slowly been moved in and beyond the location of the machines to remove the spilled material from the two units.

A state rescue/recovery team has been contacted and is now onsite.  They are executing a plan for extraction from the cabs. Progress is continuing with pumping, but the operator is also looking at alternate plans using a long reach excavator or the slurry dive team that conducted the Robinson Run Coal impoundment recovery in West Virginia.

Green Brothers and MSHA have been in charge of the recovery operation since it occurred close to 11:30 a.m. June 3.

Copiah County, MEMA and other state resources are providing support to the operation as requested.

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