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Keep ‘em in your prayers

Copiah County is the site of a-never-before-seen event that unfortunately has most likely claimed the lives of two of our neighbors.

The collapse of a slush pond dam in the Green Brothers gravel pit out in the country off Hwy. 28 East at lunchtime on Friday engulfed the men quickly in what amounts to quick sand, and so far out in the pit that a road has been constructed just to reach the area where the men are suspected to be located–in or close by their machines.

I’ve been out there a few times since Friday when this all happened, and I see the frustration on the faces of the men and women working to recover the workers.  They want to get it done just as bad as everyone else wants them to.  They are hurting, too.

Let’s be patient with Green Brothers and all the folks assisting them.  Let’s keep all involved in our prayers and support their effort to recover our neighbors as best as we can.  Let’s be neighborly.

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