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He’s right, you know

Joe Coates Publisher

Joe Coates

The cop killings in Dallas late last week sickened me.  Here we have dozens of peace officers protecting hundreds of marchers in the middle of the street, and the police officers are mowed down by a disgruntled American.  I’m not going to get into all the semantics, but things have gotten out of hand the past few years.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown, at  a presser on Monday, made a statement that should resound with policy-makers and lawmakers everywhere in this nation – “We are asking cops to do too much in this country” – referring to all the poor public policy directives that have been heaped on law officers in the past decade or so.  Lawmen have become the enforcers of the ‘nanny state’, in essence, and have been hamstrung from doing their most basic job of protecting and serving the public.  Now, because of those brave officers went through in Dallas, they have an even bigger hurdle to that duty.

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