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Go local, first

Growing up, during this time of year–of late summer, when ball was over and swimming everyday was becoming mundane–we kids could feel the weight of the approaching first day of school getting heavier.  As the freedom of summer slipped through our grip like sand between our fingers, the upcoming school year brought a mix of emotions ranging from excitement and anticipation to a little fear and foreboding.
As the last turn was made with just a few days left before school, shopping for new shoes and clothes and supplies with Mom and Dad had us looking forward to the first day in earnest, eager to see our friends and to discover who our teacher(s) would be.
We hope that all children are looking forward to the new school year, which starts in parts of the county on August 4 and the rest by August 11.  We urge parents to shop locally for clothes, shoes, supplies and lunch items.  The math says its smart to keep that money in our towns, not only during back-to-school, but also throughout the year.

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