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CA student council partners with McNeely to aid Louisiana

The recent flooding in Louisiana left many areas in devastation. Despite aid and assistance from local agencies, the personal loss and the economic impact has been staggering. The Copiah Academy Student Council launched a very successful collection drive in grades 7 through 12 to offer further assistance. The goal was to provide food and basic items for the families of Central Private Academy after the severe interruption in the flow of business. Because of the urgency of need, the council reacted quickly on the project having no clearly defined path about how to package and deliver the mass amount of goods. Shannon Watts and Greg McNeely from McNeely Plastics in Gallman, Mississippi, offered to assist. The council transferred all goods to the McNeely plant and spent the day learning how to properly sort, package, and load the goods onto a McNeely truck for transfer to Central Private Academy in Baton Rouge Parrish. The partnership provided a direct link between education and the work world. This collaborative effort resulted in a shared effort where students learned critical skills for the workplace and McNeely Plastics made its mark as a corporate citizen in Copiah County. Great things often come from small partnerships and such was the case between Copiah Academy and McNeely Plastics.

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