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Just don’t do it

Every time I travel to the state of Texas, I am amazed at how clean and neat the thoroughfares are and at the smooth and well-built roadways one finds there.  Roadside litter is nearly non-existent.  Even pieces of failed truck tires are hard to be found.
In the Lone Star State, the ‘country’ exits of I-10–similar to our Martinsville or Gallman exits on I-55–are clear of trash.  When was the last time you drove from Hwy. 51 to I-55 on Martinsville Road and could say the roadside was clear of litter?   I would say ‘never’.
For some reason those are favorite spots for uncaring motorists to deposit litter.  Since much of it appears to be from fast-food eateries, I figure these two exits are just about the right distance from the drive-thru to finish a burger and fries and a large Coke, cram it all into the paper or plastic bag it all came in and chunk it out of the window before another driver passes by on the opposite side of the road.
I wish these folks had more pride in our county. I wish they would realize that littering is a nasty problem that someone else is going to have to deal with.  I wish that many of our interstates and country roads could be as neat and free of litter as other parts of the country.  I wish these folks just had simple common sense.

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