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Thankful for another year

The Courier turned 134 years old this week, remaining one of the longest running commercial entities in Copiah County.  We hardly recognized the milestone, though we sure should have.  We are very proud to be a part of Copiah County’s storied past, present and future.  You might say that we are an institution.
The amount of news in your paper each week depends in large part to paid advertising.  More ads equals more pages and more space for photos and stories.  The news we cover has not changed.  The way we cover the news has not changed very much.  The way we bring the news to you has changed.    My staff and I work very hard each week to bring you the local news–including the advertisers’ messages–remaining committed to helping businesses grow and covering events in Copiah County each week in our print edition and through our website (, social media accounts and smart phone apps.
We are thankful for all of our partners – our readers, our advertisers (large and small) and those of you who follow us on social media.  Without you, the quality of this paper would suffer.  And, I wouldn’t stand for that.

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