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One more election day

It’s not over yet.  Voters in Crystal Springs, Georgetown, Beaureguard and Wesson will head to the polls on Tuesday, June 6 to elect mayors and aldermen.  The City of Hazlehurst’s Democratic primary on May 2 served as the election for the town, so a general election need not be held on Tuesday, June 6.
The municipal election every four years matters more to the residents of our towns than those at any other level of government because the decisions of the chosen leaders are at the forefront.  Actions taken by boards of aldermen are felt directly and usually more quickly versus those by the houses at the state and federal level, which tend to trickle down through the bureaucracy before reaching us here.
We encourage the registered voters in our towns who are holding elections to make every effort to vote next Tuesday.  The direction of your city and the decisions made by your city board will have a direct effect on you and your family.  Let your voice be heard.

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