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Interesting figures

For the past week or so, we’ve had a poll on our website about our towns.  The poll question was “Which municipality in Copiah County is the most forward thinking/progressive?”  Anyone who visits can vote, and results are displayed in real time.
Here are the results: Wesson, 34% (17 Votes);
Hazlehurst, 30% (15 Votes); Crystal Springs, 28% (14 Votes); and, Georgetown, 8% (4 Votes).
All four have undergone some sort of downtown revitalization effort.  Wesson and Crystal Springs have undergone the most visible transformations in recent years in terms of infrastructure, evidenced by new sidewalks, lamp posts and street markers in Wesson, and the new pavilion and park area in Crystal Springs.  Hazlehurst has added the blue guitars to coincide with the Mississippi Music Museum and the musical tourism direction the town has embraced.  Georgetown has cleaned up some areas that were in bad need of it. Much of all of it has been done with some sort of grant funding combined with matches from the public entitities.
Let’s hope these efforts continue and each community embraces the others’ visions and will work together to promote the best of each.

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