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Letter to editor: Support locally owned businesses

Dear Editor:
For the past 55 years Huntington Lumber & Supply Co., Inc., has provided home improvement goods and services to the residents and businesses that call Hazlehurst and Copiah County home. We are proud to be a part of this great community. Like many other local businesses, though, we have been impacted by the presence of mass merchants and national chains.
We believe that it is time to take this issue into our own hands. A recent study by Independent We Stand and the North American Retail Hardware Association, two organizations committed to supporting businesses like ours, reported that purchasing home improvement products from locally-owned retailers generates twice as much local economic activity than purchases made at big boxes and chain stores.
If we all make a conscious decision to shift just a few of our locally-earned dollars right here in Hazlehurst and Copiah County, we can make a significant impact on the economic health of our community. For more information on the importance and strong economic impact of locally owned business please visit Independent We Stand at
We want to thank all our friends, neighbors and other small business owners who care about our community and continue to support it by shopping locally. Let’s all make the decision to keep Hazlehurst and Copiah County thriving.
David Huntington

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