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Want to save jobs in your town? This is where it starts

Over the past several weeks I’ve written about the importance of buying goods and services locally.  That applies across the board inasmuch as humanly possible.  Local business owners and their employees and ancillary partners depend on the support of local customers to continue offering goods and services for sale and sustaining a viable operation.  Beyond that, a portion of the tax money collected from the sale of goods and services is diverted to the city for  funding a wide variety of services – including police and fire protection, good roads and maintenance of city properties.
So, it perturbs me to no end when I here that someone got a ‘good deal’ on something in another town, another county, another state or on an internet website.  Or, to hear someone say, “I didn’t know they sold that”, or “I didn’t know they did that.”
Why go out of town to buy lumber and building materials when you have Huntington Lumber–which has been around for 56 years–sitting right here in Hazlehurst?
Why go out of town to purchase fuel or to have the oil changed and tires rotated on your vehicle when you have at least five such locations in Hazlehurst?  Why buy tires online when you can find a good deal and expert advice at any number of tire dealers right here in Hazlehurst?
Why take your money to another city for a dental check up and cleaning when we have two great dentists here in Hazlehurst?  Need braces?  We have an excellent orthodontist, too?
Need physical therapy?  We’ve got those places too.
Need to see a doctor or a specialist for something that’s been ailing you?  We have a new hospital and several other healthcare offices–even specialists–right here in Hazlehurst.
Need gifts for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion?  Leaving Hazlehurst to buy in another town or purchasing those items online takes that $25, $50 or $100 or more out of this community forever.
Need signs or banners or other specialty items to promote your business, organization, church, school or event?  We can get them right here in Hazlehurst–yes, at your Copiah County Courier.  Ask Pokey Evans at CCEDD.  Ask Copiah Academy.  Ask  Furthermore, our print publications reach more people each week  in Copiah County than any other medium–including social media.  So, why buy advertising from out of town sources or go strictly with social media, which is run by corporations that do not exist in this town?
On a related note, the sign down the street that was unveiled during last Friday’s historic occasion was purchased from an out-of-town vendor, although people in my office, including myself, made attempts to keep the business here.  We got no response.  Yet, we are expected to provide free publicity for the event.
So, yeah, I’m a little more than perturbed when money that could be spent in Hazlehurst leaves.  I hope that other local businesses are finally fed up as much as I am with this mentality.  I hope that we can all wake up and support each other because, let’s face it, our survival depends on it.

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