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Years ago–five, to be exact–I attended the Mississippi Press Association’s Mid-Winter Conference in Jackson.  Mid-Winter focuses on the business side of the newspaper business and offers opportunities to glean ideas from publications around the state.
I stood there looking at the display tables full of special editions, tabloids and magazines produced by Mississippi newspapers, and one in particular caught my eye– ‘Gridiron’ produced by the Wayne County News.  To make a long story short, we improved upon that idea and applied it to Copiah County.  In 2012 we produced our first-ever glossy magazine, Game Time, which covers the fall sports of all secondary schools in the county, plus Co-Lin’s, and provides schedules for nearly every other sport–boys’ and girls’.    Each year Game Time is a hit, with readers, with advertisers, with coaches and players and school patrons and fans and with us and grows a few more pages.  We truly enjoy the excitement that builds in the community from the anticipation of Game Time’s arrival each year.
It is in your paper this week, and comes after hours and hours of detailed and hard work done by the people of your county newspapers.   Game Time serves as the ‘officially unofficial’ kickoff of the school sports season in the county.  We hope–no, we are sure–you will enjoy it. Read it from cover-to-cover and hang on to it during the season.  Visit and thank the advertisers who make it possible.
Game Time 2017 special thanks: to Courier staff members  Amy Scott, Carolyn Diamond, Bobbie Martin, Brody Jackson, Calamity Jones, Diana Sutton and Keith Bryant; to sports stringer Henry Poole and Victoria Walker at the Meteor; and, to Lucas Calvert, Natalie Davis and Jimmie Cain in the Sports Information and Public Relations departments at Co-Lin.

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