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Congratulations, my good friend

Many of us have been knowing that this was coming at some point this season.  He and I even talked about it in our annual pre-season interview.  Nonetheless, the 500th win of Terry Bauer’s fastpitch softball coaching career  – all at Copiah Academy – nearly crept by without notice because of the busyness of fall high school sports. So, I was relieved that we touched on it last Monday during our recap of the week’s games.
Besides the fact that he’s won over 500 games and 5 state titles, Terry is as fine of a man as one could ever know.  He knows his softball (and baseball, as he serves as the head coach in that sport now, too), and he has produced dozens of incredible athletes who have paid for college on softball scholarships.  More importantly, he has developed a program that is like a family.  He hasn’t done it hard-handed or in a my-way-or-the-highway manner.  He’s just done it as he has seen fit.  Those that know him know what I mean.
Sincerest congratulations, Coach!

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