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Safety first and always

Interstate 55 through Copiah County has been a trek of near misses–and some unfortunate deadly crashes–over the past few months. Clearing and grubbing of the rights-of-way and, now, milling, grading, sealing and paving of I-55, has involved one-lane traffic flow on either side of the interstate at any given time of the day or night.  At peak times, it can be a living nightmare through which to travel.  Some motorists turn into morons and drive either too slow or too fast, putting the rest of us in danger.  One has to be fully alert and super-courteous to other drivers and highway workers when traveling through there.
I certainly understand the need for the safety of workers, and I appreciate what they do to improve our transportation system. Too many have been killed working on highways by speedy, reckless drivers.  The state highway department does a solid job of marketing to the public the potential deadly effects of hazardous driving through work zones.  Protection of highway workers and drivers alike is tantamount.
Remember: these men and women want to get home to their families at night, too.  Slow down and be patient.  Put your phone on silent. Pay extra attention to the area. Use an alternate route around the construction zones if necessary.  Let’s do all we can to prevent another tragedy.

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