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Remember the library at Christmastime

Friends of Library purchased additional books for the Hazlehurst Library recently from several sources thereby filling gaps in the existing collection not purchased in previous years. Check out your favorite author on the existing shelves and see what is now available at the Hazlehurst Library. Starting in January there will also be additional books added as staff add the acquisitions to the collection. Paul Cartwright, Friends President, purchased the new Dan Silva Book and the new Clive Cussler books which were just published in the last month or two for the Hazlehurst Library. This makes additional new books available. When considering Christmas gifts, consider buying a new book or donating money for a new book to the Hazlehurst Library. Pictured are Gustavia Funchess, Hazlehurst Librarian, and Paul Cartwright, President of the Friends of the George Covington Memorial Library.