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Make this one your top priority in ‘18

So, everyone is beginning to think about resolutions for the new year, things we want to change about ourselves or things we might can do better.
One resolution we all need to make and stick to for 2018 is to keep our money in our own communities by strengthening our shopping effort with local merchants, service providers and financial institutions.  Shopping local is more than a holiday thing.  We need to continue to keep our tax dollars here.  Sales tax diversions from the state help provide better fire and police protection and shore up funds for street paving and more.  Many streets in Hazlehurst (not highways) are in horrible disrepair and in need of replacement.  More local tax dollars will help the situation more quickly.
Most importantly businesses who do well create jobs for local folks.  We depend on the people of our community for support.
We’ll be seeing you in 2018!

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