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Why do it?

I had a good conversation with Hazlehurst Police Chief Byron Swilley on Monday morning.  Chief Swilley called me about a misdemeanor crime that is plaguing Hazlehurst–and truly Copiah County.  Though I could not see him through the phone line, I could tell by the tone and tenor of his voice that he was just about fighting mad because of the time spent having to patrol litterers and clean up littered areas. (See photo and cutline on the front page.)
I’d guess 99% of those that litter in our town and in our county probably do not read this newspaper – or any other – and will not get this message.  So, the people who love our communities enough NOT to litter must communicate the message to the litterers and are appreciated by law enforcement for helping patrol and report the misdemeanors when they happen.
‘Shame On Y’all’ is exactly right, and let’s work to make sure that the littering stops.