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I’m not sold on it

An article on Britain’s Daily Star news website claims that driverless cars–and artificial intelligence (AI)–will wreak havoc on employment and leave up to a third of the population without jobs in the near future (  AI is a burgeoning technology that seeks to create machines that think and act like humans.  In some line factories around the world, machines, or robots, have replaced humans.  Watch any video of how a car is put together on an assembly line now for proof.
However, I’m just not sold on the idea that we Americans are going to embrace cars that drive themselves.  We enjoy our romance with our automobiles too much. Plus, I’m not so sure that we can be sold on the fact that someone else–or someTHING else–is a better drive than each of us are, at least in our own minds.  Have you ever claimed otherwise?
Neither have I.

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