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Print remains most trusted media

I came across an article the other day that pitted print advertising versus digital advertising and included several noteworthy statistics about which is more trustworthy.  (  Surveys continue to show that ads in printed newspapers and magazines overwhelmingly are more trusted than ads on websites and social media, 54 percent to 16 percent, and draw a much better response.
Print ads (82 percent) are trusted more than any other medium, including social media (43 percent), when making a purchase decision.  Only 12.6 percent of social media users are influenced by digital ads.  How many of you actually appreciate all the sponsored content, pop-ups, autoplay ads and so forth that you encounter through social media use each day?  Me either. Readers of newspapers, including this one, look forward to seeing ads in the paper each week, and buy subscriptions or single copies to be able to read the advertisements.
I also noticed over the weekend that Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey congratulated fellow Texan Nick Foles, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, for Foles’ leading his team to a Super Bowl victory by placing a full page ad in the Austin American-Statesmen.  A photo of the print ad was circulated thousands of times through social media users in a matter of hours.    Reckon how many extra issues of that day’s print edition was sold? I would guess many, many more than normal.  The same can be said for Starkville Daily News during this recent run of success by  the Mississippi State Lady Bulldog basketball team (26-0, No. 2 in the nation).  SDN’s business manager told me on Tuesday that readers clamor for Lady Bulldog news and photos, and SDN delivers what the readers want daily.
News is more appreciated and trusted in print.  It’s why we readers save photos, articles and front pages of newspapers. It’s why we have folks come by asking for back issues almost every day.
We truly appreciate all of our readers–whether you are a print or digital subscriber or you buy one off the stand each week–and the businesses and organizations that trust us to get their messages out to customers by placing ads in the paper each week.  If you are a former subscriber or a former advertiser, we invite you to come back.  You have my word that we will work hard for you.
Someone–a loyal reader who also owns a business that advertises in the Courier–told me last week, “No where else can you get the best and most trusted news coverage in Copiah County for only $30 (our in-county subscription price) per year (52 issues).  That is a real bargain, and more people should take the paper.”
Who can argue with that!

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