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Your future is here

Three decades.  10,956 days.  262,944 hours.  I’m not even going to calculate the seconds. That’s how much time will have passed since I graduated from high school at Copiah Academy on May 13, 1988 at 7:00 p.m.
This Friday I have a son, Connor, who will walk across the CA stage with 50-something other of his classmates to collect their diplomas and move their tassels.  Our other local schools will hold graduation ceremonies in the coming days and weeks.  My how time flies.
To Connor and all other 2018 graduates:  The path ahead that will take you through the next 30 years will be straight and wide at times, and crooked and narrow at others. Lean on your faith, work tirelessly to gain knowledge, ask for help when absolutely needed and be willing to give help to others without return.  Good luck and God bless.

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