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Why not one flag for everyone?

The news out of our state capitol on Tuesday morning showed a group of protesters burning the state flag, along with a confederate battle flag (which is a misnomer because the ‘confederate battle flag’ that everyone refers to was never officially associated with the Confederacy nor was it recognized by the Confederacy as the official flag.)  Another wave of ‘change the state flag’ sentiment is beginning to swell, despite the current flag having been voted on as the official state flag by an overwhelming majority of Mississippi voters in the referendum of 2001.
I am neither a proponent of the current state flag, nor do I support changing it.  Instead, I believe that in order for the United States to be ‘one nation, under God, indivisible . . .’ we should truly be that.
Why not simply do away with all state flags and unite the country under one flag – the Stars and Stripes?

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