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How will you celebrate our freedom?

In a few more days Americans will be marking the 242nd anniversary of the date that representatives from 13 American colonies declared independence from centuries of British rule.  Most everyone who works will get the day off, enjoying a break from the grind.  Cookouts, fireworks, watermelons and red, white and blue will abound throughout the day and night.  Friends and family will visit and make memories.
We’ve printed the entire Declaration of Independence on page 8A in this issue.  Take the time to read or re-read it this week.  Our forefathers risked not only their lives by signing it, but also the lives of their family members and friends. They truly were willing to die for liberty.  Let’s honor them.
If it came down to it today, and we were once again faced with declaring our independence from tyrannical rule, how many of us would be willing to do that–putting ourselves and our families in the line of fire–to save an entire country?  It’s an interesting question and one that we hope our children and grandchildren will never have to answer, but if ever called upon would do so willingly and without hesitation. Electing good leaders who hold the tenets of the Declaration of Independence in their hearts is doing our part to ensure the perpetuity of our freedom for future generations.
God bless the United States of America, now and forevermore!

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