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Finally, we have relief

Some of the laws that took effect over the weekend (see the front page) will have a profound effect on the daily lives of us Copiah Countians.  For instance, your pharmacist will now be able to advise you legally of the cheapest way to pay for your prescriptions – co-pay versus straight cash.
One new law in particular has drawn my applause–the new traffic legislation that disallows driving slower than the speed of traffic in the left lane of four-lane or more highways, for example, I-55.  I was driving from Hazlehurst to Crystal Springs on Friday and approaching a slower vehicle in the right lane. You know the situation.  Another car was in left lane just ahead of the one I intended to pass.  I pulled into the passing lane only to be held up by the vehicle in that lane for three-and-one-half miles.  Furthermore, the two vehicles had a slow race nearly to the south Crystal Springs exit.
Eventually, I saw daylight in between the two and passed the first car and pulled into the right lane to pass the other one.  As I went by, I noticed the lady driving was texting with her phone in one hand and steadying the wheel with her other, dangerously looking down and back up again as each word was typed.   Of course, no law enforcement officers were in the area at the time, and she was free and clear to continue endangering lives.
The particular scenario wasn’t the first time this has happened to me.  In fact, I’ve seen this more and more over the past 5 years.  Hopefully, as drivers are ticketed for being stupid on the highways, fewer cars will crash and more lives will be saved.  And, we can all get where we are going with much less hassle.

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