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It’s our time

Copiah County is ripe for the picking.  Like the tomatoes and other vegetables that farmers and workers and families used to pluck, load and haul to the packing sheds along the railroad in our towns, the county is in prime condition to be selected and graded ‘A’.
Why do I say this, you might ask.
On the economic development front, the county is in as good a shape as its been in quite some time.  Unemployment is low–around 6.4% according to the state agency Miss. Dept. of Employment Security–and the county has earned Work Ready status through the ACT Workforce Development initiative.
“But, Joe, didn’t we just lose Advance Auto Parts Distribution Center in Gallman?   That’s what, nearly 300 people out of work?” you are probably thinking.
Yes we have lost Advance.  However, all is not gone. Our base of existing industries is strong, with Sanderson Farms, ABB, Westlake Chemical(formerly Georgia Gulf), Fabtek and other manufacturing firms spread throughout the county which can absorb many of the job losses from Advance.
One thing I’ve learned in my professional career about the decision-makers in the county is that we scratch and claw for everything we get.  We overcome obstacles.  We earn every inch of ground gained.  Nothing is ever given to us.  We find a way.
I have a feeling, that in the next 12 to 18 months, the county will land a rather large economic development project, bringing hundreds of job opportunities with it.  Someone is going to look at what all we’ve accomplished here in the past few years and seize upon a golden opportunity.
Let’s continue to work in our communities, support our leadership, offer solutions to problems and look at things from a viewpoint of ‘We CAN Do’, and good things are going to happen.

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