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Moving on

So, this is the last column of mine that you will be reading here in this space.  After 22 years here at the Courier with 16 spent as your publisher, I’ve accepted employment elsewhere and will begin a new journey on Oct. 1.
The words ‘thank you’ will never be enough to describe my gratitude to all of you – our readers, followers, advertisers, visitors, callers, writers, photographers and friends.  My career here has been an incredible experience, no matter which hat I’ve worn the past two decades, while working hard with the extraordinary staff members here to produce a publication that can be enjoyed by everyone.  I believe on the whole that we have accomplished that.
Most of all, the staff members here at the Courier – Bobbi Martin, Amy Scott, Carolyn Diamond, Jacob Harvey, Calamity Jones and staff writer Anna Coates – have been like family to me for all of this time.  I am grateful for each one and thankful for what each does for the paper.  They have always made my job as publisher easier than most, willing to take on whatever was needed – which sometimes means going an extra mile or two – to get the job done.  I urge you to continue counting on them to serve your needs, whether as a reader, contributor, advertiser or somebody who just needs help solving a problem.  I guarantee they will go over and above your expectations to serve your needs.  They will get you fixed up, as I always say.
I once read where friends never truly say goodbye to each other.  They simply proclaim, ‘until next time.’
So, friends, until next time.
– Joe

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