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C. S. runners conquer Ragnar Tennessee 2019 Relay

TEAM “MISSISSIPPI RUNNERS, Y’ALL!” competed in the intense Ragnar Tennessee 2019 Relay Race with 199 other teams. Out of 11 team members, seven were from Crystal Springs. With 34 relay exchanges, they completed the race in 29 hours and 20 minutes. The runners took their first step on the banks of the Tennessee River in Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. Runners headed northwest into the countryside, during peak leaf season, on city streets, country roads, highways, sidewalks, and bike paths. The team ran day, night, and day again. Runners made their way to the finish line in downtown Nashville, with incredible views of the city skyline as they ran along the water at Cumberland River Greenway, finishing at Riverfront Park. Pictured here, beaming with accomplishment of conquering 200 miles (and dazed from lack of sleep), the team celebrated their unforgettable adventure. When their race medals were placed together, the quote on them read, “We are Ragnarians. We believe . . .together we can accomplish anything.” Team members are top left to right, Hillary Sapanski, Kat Kelly, Karla Haik and Amy Wright from Crystal Springs, Zachary Newman, Christie Barber and Laurie McManus from Crystal Springs and bottom left to right, Jill Webb Hoda, Caroline Beach Hood and Christy Wright from Crystal Springs and Nicole Aubuchon.

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