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Rebecca Paige Clement

Rebecca Paige was due to be born December 5, 2019. This was to be extra special as it is the same birthday of her Great Grandmother, Bernice Renfroe. She was a pleasant surprise to her parents, Todd and Jenna Clement and big sisters, Scottlyn and Cadence Clement. Scottlyn was excited to be old enough to help out more in caring for a baby, while Cadence planned to share her room and also teach her little sister the alphabet. Rebecda Paige enjoyed Mexican food, milk, brownies and any good vegetables. She was also exposed early to good music, such as David Bowie, 311 and The Blood Hound Gang. She would respond with kicks and wiggles to her father’s voice and we would “play” with her by rubbing my tummy and getting her to push back. Her Grandparents, Eddie and Becky Agnew were preparing for their third grandchild and her Aunt Andi Agnew had plans to fly in from Portland soon after her birth in December. Paige had passed all her tests and ultrasounds with flying colors and was growing well. We had just completed showers and were already preparing the house for her arrival when there was a sudden change in fetal movement. An ultrasound was scheduled and it was confirmed that there was no heartbeat. This was 11-5-19. She was delivered by C-Section 11-6-19 at 0727, 5 lbs 7 oz, 18.5 inches. Todd and I were allowed time with her afterward and received some very special photos. We elected for cremation and her ashes will be kept in our home so she can remain with her family. There will not be a service. There are no words to describe our feelings of loss. Rebecca Paige was very loved and wanted and will be missed and thought of every day.

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