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Dr. James Ervin elected 2020 president of Crystal Springs Chamber of Commerce

2020 OFFICERS of the Crystal Springs Chamber of Commerce from left are First Vice President Walter Rielley, Secretary-Treasurer Donald Price, President Dr. James Ervin and Director Shelly Jackson, Not pictured: Second Vice President Sherrie Sprouse.

Dr. James Ervin was elected president of the Crystal Springs Chamber of Commerce at the organization’s January 20 meeting at Rolling Hills Country Club. Agenda mentioned for the year includes a meeting February 5 with Downtown Strategies which will be consulting Crystal Springs on economic planning. Plans revealed that Chamber officials will be meeting and communicating by E-mail with groups on matters of importance to the community. Volunteer Mary Dell McCoy reported that a new effort will be made by the Chautauqua Arts Foundation to construct an updated amphitheater and Copiah’s legislators will be making an effort to secure support in the legislature. The walkway from downtown to Chautauqua Park is expected to get underway this year. Citizens who have contact with state officials are urged to seek their support for the project. Volunteer Dana Lord is working on a video that will promote a “hometown make-over” for the city. Other Volunteers Executive Committee is composed of Sally Garland, Rick Budhraja, Rita Moak, Stacy Thornton, Som Budhraja, Henry Carney, Bob Lawrence, Dana Lord and Jenn Turner. 2020 Directors are Sally Garland, Dr. James Ervin, Water Rielley, Rick Budhraja, Mitzi Cline, Christy Wright, Paula Berry, and Vic Smith. 2021 Directors are Jimmy Buchanan, Rita Moak, Dr. Robert Rone, Stacy Thornton, Som Budhraja, Sherrie Sprouse, Bob Lawrence, and Judson Jackson. 2022 Directors are Donald Price, Henry Carney, Gene Horton, Daisy Price, Dana Lord, Stacy Gilman, Jenn Turner and John Carney. Ex-officio members are Mary Dell McCoy and Monta McDonald. Board Member Emeritis is Erma Deen Lewis.

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